The main menu:
I used a 4x4 KP and wired the joystick into it.
That way I use the joystick to to make menu choices also. There are 4 directions, + 5 switches. More than enough.
The RUN page:
Grid set to .1"
FEED (travel) set to.1"
JOG mode: STEP or JOG. STEP will travel only as far as the FEED is set, then stop. The switch must be released before it will move again.
JOG is just that, run until sw is released.
Gantry is current moving DOWN, or towards front
The GRID page:
Grid choices -  .1" .05" .025" .001"
GRID is currently set to .1"
The SPEED page:
The ZERO table page:
ZERO table on X and Y axis
ZERO table on X axis only
ZERO table on Y axis only
The drill SPEED page:
How fast the drill head moves up / down
The drill FEED page:
Same a GRID

The DRILL POSition page:
Moves the drill head up / down.
Drill head is currently moving DOWN.
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