Duncan, AZ 10/2012
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My place, even has a real hitching post, rugs hung over it.
The pink building is just a false front for the band stand.
This is part of the town center where Bob throws a pig roast every year
3 Sisters Bakery, YUMMY!
I live behind the pool hall, the tan one between the bakery & Hilde's Market
I have 1/2 the floor space. Shop & bedroom, all I need & want
My 1985 Honda CRX HF 1st Generation
60k miles, all original,  $1900.00
One owner (women), well maintained, in storage for ten years.
New tires but needs a clutch, still drivable though.
Interior is in great condition, motor is immaculate.
40 City / 50 Highway

Bob called before I moved & said "Hey, there's a great car here for $2000"
I said "Tell 'em I want it!"
They gave me back $100 for the price of the clutch :- )
Sitting in front of Bob's house.
We just washed the dust off & Bob degreased the motor.
Bob & his friend Brent, a old Honda mechanic.
Bob repairs, fixes & builds Harleys.
Good people to know!
11/2/12 - Brent installed the new clutch. The car runs like a dream.
Interior is very good. Still got to blow the desert out & hit it with some 303.
Update 11/3/12  I cleaned the interior, it is like new, excellent condition!
"The motor's completely unmolested, it's just like new!" - Bob.
After washing the dust off and seeing the factory, original motor.
The view from Bob's where we were standing.
Old West Highway / US-70 looking west.

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