I use Corel draw to create the layout for the panels. I chose to use acrylic plastic (plexiglass) due to the workability of the material. It can be milled, drilled, cut & glued. It's also very cheap to get scrap at $1. a Lb.
I left off the dimensions to reduce clutter. I have an old computer in the garage, so I just get the panel size from there.
I tape the paper to the work piece & drill pilot holes with an old carbide PCB drill bit.
usually .04" I mounted an air hose next to the table to blow the chips away.
I have a magnifying glass mounted to the drill-press table to see better. If I had a better cross-slide vice I could just dial it in, but oh well, this works fine
I use the table saw to make the cut-outs for the mounting screws after drilling 1/2" holes. The blade is 10" 80 tooth,  It makes good clean cuts without chipping.
I use Bosch "Brad point" drill bit for the holes.

They work really well for plastic, as they make a cut around the outside diameter first instead of drilling from the center.
I scribed the lines after drilling very small holes at the corners for the cut-outs. dot to dot.
After all the holes are drilled I screwed the work piece to the cut table to secure it if it can't be clamped. well
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I painted the white first, white primer (if needed). Then masked that with strips of tape, painted the back masked with longer wider strips  of tape & painted the gray. They look pretty real.

I got 6 of those big mil spec locking toggles from a friend that works at the dump.  He said Boeing tosses truck loads of stuff. That's 6 X "I can't count that high" $$ ($50. each) I wish I could get more of that stuff free!!

I made a new panel set this summer with my Taig mill,
but wanted to leave the old info up.