PCB drill project.
Made from Dremel drill and drill press. I removed the bottom plate & mounted the column to the back with U-bolts.
Acrylic is so easy to work with. It can be cut, drilled milled & glued and it's very strong, doesn't warp or break easily.

The design is the same as the big PCB drills, the table moves, not the drill head.
With the exception the real machine tables I've worked around ride on air. Like the old air hockey tables
Important note: These NEMA teen motors don't have enough torque to drive the table (no bearings).
Using 1/4"-20 thread per inch rod & 1.8 Deg motor
.05 @ 1.8 deg = 200 steps
400 steps = .1
.1 @ 1/4-20 = 2 rev
move motor 250 steps to get past first IR reading
(can't count past 255) then read the position. Make sense??
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Updated: December 31, 2017
The first drill
The 3 button are NEXT, ENTER & ESC. The GRID set button is in front. The fire button operates the drill
The menu display for the LCD is the same as the one I'm selling on eBay.
The new machine.
MDF & scavenged parts
The MDF is 1/2" & 3/4" I got the lead screws, nuts, bearings & the Z-axis from  tape servers.
The rod, upper bushings (bearings & steppers came from printers. The acrylic came from the scrap bin at Tap plastic ($1 lb). I built the tool
head to fit my Dremel.
Program Flow
Motor mount & shaft coupler
Z-Axis R. Side & slide
Z-Axis Motor mount
Main nut mounting
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I just found this stuff, so I posted it  : )
These are the plans I used. They were done with Corel Draw 10.
They are not very clear, because things change as you build.
Drill DIM.pdf
PIC code
PIC code
I sell CNC routers

16" x 24" Table, but can be easily made larger or smaller

Machine is highly user customizable.

I've sold a bunch with no complaints!
SCH & Brd Files