This is a beaded wire tree I made.
I've made 3 others like it.
I add SMT LEDs, 0603 & 1206. Red blue & green
I use fine laquer coated wire for the positve leads so you can't really see the wires on the tree.
I maped all the lights to the port pins on a
Microchip PIC16F874 Microcontroller
There is a switch to make all the lights blink like a real tree,
Or they all be on too.
I had to PWM the blue LED's - flash them very fast,
.005 second on & off to dim them,
they were to bright as you can see in the pic below.

I use red felt to cover the brass frame and
there is a glass dome that goes over it.
But for Christmas time I'll leave it like this
Just scroll down....

More of the cabin here

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My Christmas tree
Click for Bigger Pic
Cabin construction